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Humble Beginnings for Recycled Metal Statues
in Boise, ID

Rebecca known to her friends as Reb, started her journey to becoming a wrought iron sculptor with the goal of simply learning the craft of welding as part of the Agricultural Services business that she and her husband operate in the heart of Idaho’s ranching country. As a dedicated mother, wife, and community member she felt the pull to find a creative outlet of her own. Out of an abundance of scrap metal, horseshoes, and fencing materials, Reb began a playful pass time of “making something from nothing.” After trial, error, and coaching from her husband, she realized she was really on to something! Inspired by her lifelong love of horses, she welded her first sculpture. The life-sized horse’s head was pieced together from scrap metal found at a job site and discarded horseshoes from her local ferrier. All who saw it were blown away, and encouraged her to keep creating. Reb bravely decided to enter her welded metal horse statue into the art show, but it was purchased before she could even get it to the event. That was the beginning of Reb's Creations.

Reb’s Creations creates unique welded sculptures that are designed to encapsulate the life and love of those who have passed away. When Reb’s younger brother died, she wanted to do something to help ease her own grief as well as that of her family. She turned to her new craft and found a way to honor his life by capturing his spirit and personality in a welded lion sculpture (as in Leo) dedicated to his memory. Placed on a table at his memorial service, it garnered the admiration of all those who attended. A guest who is an artist told Reb that she somehow took harsh elements and made them look “soft.”

Reb has since welded custom memorial sculptures of beloved dogs and cats for their “people’ to remember them by. She loves that she can take scrap metal pieces and repurpose them into something meaningful, memorable, and lasting for people to appreciate and value.


Metal Animal Sculptures and Seasonal Yard Art 

Reb has continued to hone her craft of welding metal animal sculptures. She has an uncanny ability to visualize and create quirky, whimsical, beautiful art from recycled scrap metal.

Reb’s creations offer a diverse selection of welded metal designs, including:

  • Garden animal statues
  • Sea creature sculptures
  • Ranch animals
  • Seasonal art
  • Elegant abstract lawn art
  • Original statues
  • Wall art
  • Functional pieces
  • Custom gates
  • Wine holders
  • Roping Dummies
  • Custom commemorative sculptures

Welding recycled metal creates a constantly fluctuating inventory, which means that you’ll never know what treasures you may find. However, with the rotating selection and the ability to custom order anything you can dream of, you can trust Reb’s Creations to have a sculpture to suit your taste and your space.

Reb’s Creations cares about the community and has shown support for local events and businesses. Recipients of donated custom-welded art include:

  • Mayhem Car Show
  • Kerry Hill Winery

We look forward to watching this list grow alongside our business.

Reb’s Creations has grown from a humble idea into an impactful Boise company that repurposes scrap metal into eye-catching and meaningful welded art. What started as a response to events in Reb’s life has evolved into making unforgettable art for significant places and events the center of our business. We aim to use our talents to enhance your environment. From ready-made wall decor to custom sculptures you will find the perfect gift or commemorating piece.

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Contact Reb’s Creation today at (208) 867-6206 for a free quote to start your custom creation.

Discover more inspiration on our  Facebook page. We dedicate our talent to creating one-of-a-kind art pieces for patrons in Boise, Meridian, and Eagle Idaho, ask about shipping throughout the United States.  
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